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Hello – My name is Dorothea!

I own the trullo Grano di Puglia, and rent it to people who appreciate its special features and setting. I myself live near Carovigno, a small town on the Apulian coast about five minutes’ drive from Grano di Puglia, where I have made my own dream come true.

Born in Munich, I have always loved Italy and spent many vacations in this beautiful country as a child and adolescent. For me, Italy with its sunny lifestyle has always called to all my senses. However, until recently, I had devoted myself to my career in hospitality, working in hotel management including as a Director for many years, at 4- and 5-star properties in California and Europe (Italy, Germany and Austria). I loved this work because I truly enjoy creating a unique atmosphere for my guests and helping to make their holidays all they desire. And that’s what I am doing with Grano di Puglia.

I look forward to personally welcoming you.